Personalised with different designs, sizes and finishes to give a different touch to your products!


These usually contain the logo of the brand. It is very important to find a design in accordance with your brand, as it will differentiate you and create an impact at a glance, compared to other brands in the market.

Characteristics of the plaques:

  • Robust and long-lasting thanks to the materials used.
  • They can be placed both outdoors and indoors.
  • Different finishes can be included, such as blunt edges, die-cutting, protective film, etc.
  • Prepared against chemical products and external agents.
  • Very versatile when printing designs in different ranges of colours and effects.


Mainly aluminium, stainless steel and methacrylate are used as materials. Within the aluminium nameplates we have the option of printing them in raw aluminium, anodised aluminium (with a protective layer to prevent oxidation and available in various colours) or lacquered aluminium (which also has a protective film). The latter offers us the possibility to print our design on a white or aluminium background. In the case of anodised aluminium, we also offer a variety of colours, which can be a good option in cases where a certain degree of aesthetics is required.

Stainless steel plates tend to be more robust and are ideal for use in places subjected to strong places subjected to strong aggressions. We have the option of printing plates in stainless steel or satin stainless steel, depending on the design. Methacrylate or Plexiglas nameplates offer a much more aesthetic and eye-catching finish. It is a very flexible plastic material, although with little margin for bending, transparent and with high resistance to breakage, all this makes it very versatile and we can print designs not only to identify or characterise a product, but also for decoration. It also offers us the possibility of backlighting an image thanks to its transparency or leave it with an opaque background. This material is ideal for printing posters, photographs or advertising posters, as well as for the design of stands in shops or events. We also offer the option of printing signage from our catalogue or customised on this support.


The finishes we offer range from the application of varnishes and protective films to die-cutting, blunt edges and adhesive application. With shapes and sizes to the choice of our customers. An extra service we offer in the case of aluminium or steel plates is engraving. Thanks to this technique we can give relief and texture to the print, highlighting our design even more.

Examples of nameplates:

  • Job nameplates
  • Uniform name badges
  • Health badges
  • Military dog tags
  • Pharmacy personnel identification badges
  • Hotel staff identification badges

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