This process is widely used in the advertising world to produce exclusive pieces that attract the consumer's attention, such as cards or packaging.


Die cutting is a technique by which, through a mechanical action, cuts or slits are made in irregular shapes capable of generating designs and pieces thanks to a press or die.

The press is mainly composed of the die that has the shape and size of the hole we want to achieve, and the cutting die, where the die is inserted after applying a force to operate the press, with this action we get a clean and fast cut that we can repeat as many times as we want.
It is a very convenient process that can be applied to different materials and achieve different finishes:

  • Die-cut paper
  • Die-cut cardboard
  • Die-cut Bakelite
  • Die-cut aluminium
  • Die-cut copper
  • Die-cut vinyl

In addition, different materials such as adhesives or varnishes can be applied later, according to need.

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