Laser cutting

This technique of laser cutting by separation is carried out by means of a high temperature in which a beam of light is incident, which allows us to obtain very precise cuts.

Laser cutting 

By generating such powerful energy, we can separate very robust and irregular materials, leaving the cut areas sealed. On the other hand, we also use the laser not only for cutting, but also for engraving and marking different materials, thus obtaining very resistant designs with different aesthetic results.

We have laser cutting for different materials:

  • Laser cutting cardboard
  • Leather laser cutting
  • EVA rubber laser cutting
  • Methacrylate laser cutting
  • Laser cutting paper
  • Laser cutting polystyrene

and many more

At Sergar we are one of the most specialised laser cutting companies in the sector. Find the laser cutting service you are looking for. We are the best option for laser cutting in Valencia, we are waiting for you!

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