Support with symbols, typographies or the design itself that indicates how to manipulate, control and maintain a device.

Polyester Label 

100% polyester labels are highly resistant to water, temperature and external agents. They can be screen printed or digitally printed, as well as being available in different formats such as transparent, white or matt polyester. They are very easy to stick on the support.


  • They can be printed with Riboon resin, so the print on these labels does not  rub off and lasts a lifetime. 
  • They are very useful in electrical components, machinery, tools, inventories, barcodes and for asset fixing. 
  • They can be used on metal, plastic, painted surfaces, polycarbonate or glass.
  • Security polyester or tamper-evident (VOID): These labels are designed to  prevent tampering with certain products by transferring both the VOID  message on the surface to which they are affixed and on the label itself
  • High impact and compressive strength. 
  • Good thermal and electrical insulation. For this reason it is ideal for use in  electrical systems. They withstand temperatures of between -10ºC to 150ºC.
  • Rejects combustion, using flame retardant resins. 
  • Corrosion resistant. 
  • High resistance to external agents. 
  • Dirt resistant 

Some finishes: 

Polyester silver glossy label 

Matt silver polyester label 

Transparent polyester labels 

Polyester label shiny gold 

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