Interior safety, evacuation and prevention signage.


RD 485/1997, on health and safety signs at work, obliges the employer to use all safety signs that, according to the results of the risk assessment, are necessary and useful to control risks.

In no case may signage replace the adoption of technical measures for collective protection, nor the information and training of workers on the risks. about the risks.

The purpose of signposting

  1. a) To draw the attention of workers to the existence of certain risks, prohibitions or obligations.

(b) To alert workers to the occurrence of an emergency situation requiring urgent protective or evacuation measures.

(c) To facilitate the location and identification to workers of certain means or facilities for protection, evacuation, emergency or first aid.

(d) To orient or guide workers carrying out certain dangerous manoeuvres.

Types of signage:

At Sergar we manufacture signs in accordance with current regulations according to UNE 23035 and R.D485/1997.

In the special case of photoluminescent signage for Evacuation (Aid) and Extinction (Fire-fighting equipment) are governed by the requirements of UNE 23035-4, in terms of their characteristics and composition, where we can differentiate between those of category A and B. 

Class A: photoluminescent signage must be installed in all centres where firefighting activities that carry out activities described in Annex I of the Basic Self-Protection Standard (R.D. 393/2007).

Class B: In all other cases, signage plates may be of category B.

These categories are differentiated by the duration and intensity of the photoluminescence being longer and more powerful because of the greater amount of photoluminescent pigment in Class A than in Class B. (see table). 

5 types of safety signs, both photoluminescent and non-photoluminescent. (H3)

  • Obligation: To indicate the obligation to use certain protections.

Blue – Circular – White Pictograms

  • Prohibition: Prohibit an action likely to cause danger to one’s own health or that of workers.

Red – Circulars – Black Pictograms

  • Danger: Warns of possible hazards that may be associated with the use of certain tools.

Yellow – Triangular – Black pictograms

  • Help: Provides information on emergency equipment or emergency exits.

Green – Rectangular or square – White pictograms

  • Fire equipment: Gives information on the location of fire fighting equipment.

Red – Rectangular or square – White pictograms

What signs can we manufacture?

In Sergar we are manufacturers of any standard signage governed by the current regulations in force, complying with all the standards and subjecting to a rigorous quality control each manufacturing batch.

We can also personalise each sign in terms of size, pictograms, texts, material or even shape (banners) depending on the intended use.

They are usually manufactured in semi-rigid PVC-Glasspack, but can also be manufactured in aluminium or methacrylate.

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