Personalised with different designs, sizes and finishes to give a different touch to your products!

Plaques for events

En Sergar podemos fabricar placas conmemorativas originales, de inauguración, de aniversarios o de diferentes eventos. Incluso pueden ser utilizadas como elemento decorativo.

In Sergar we can manufacture original commemorative plaques, for inauguration, anniversaries or different events. They can even be used as a decorative element.

They are personalised plaques designed to give an aesthetic, eye-catching and decorative touch to the place where they are placed. They can be manufactured In different materials and finishes.


Normally they can be made in different materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass, bronze and even methacrylate among others.


Generally, they are usually protected with a varnish, or we can give them a different effect such as ”aged”. In the case of methacrylates, they can be prepared to be placed on a backlit support.

An extra service we offer in the case of aluminium or steel plates is engraving. Thanks to this technique we can give relief and texture to the print, highlighting more our design.

Some examples:

  • Decorative wall plaques
  • Number plates for houses
  • Personalised engraved plaques
  • Methacrylate memorial plaques
  • Silver memorial plaques
  • Engraved plaques to give as gifts
  • Personalised trophy plaques
  • Police badge wallets
  • Metal Door Plaques
  • Engraved Tribute Plaques and much more

Which plaque would you like to create? Let us know and get it for yourself.

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