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Polycarbonate label

In Sergar we are manufacturers of polycarbonate labels. These adhesives are very resistant resistant to external agents, temperatures or friction, so they can be used both outdoors and indoors. The polycarbonate label can be manufactured from small quantities without the need for die-cutting die investment. They are printed on the reverse side so that the print is protected.


The polycarbonate adhesive label can be produced in different finishes such as matt, textured, matt-gloss or gloss and can be die-cut and incorporate translucent windows.

Both small and large format, the printing can be screen printed or digital. These prints are usually printed on the back of the label in mirror format to protect the image, in addition adhesives can be added for placement.


  • Polycarbonate finishes in textured matt, gloss matt or gloss..
  • Gloss material has a transparent protective film
  • Printed on the reverse side by screen printing or indelible digital printing with UV varnish.
  • Screen-printed on the reverse side with a layer of screen-printed ink for opacity.
  • The type of double-sided adhesive is applied according to the final application.
  • Typical thicknesses 175, 250 and 500 microns.

Polycarbonate adhesive label uses:

  • Adhesive labels for chemicals.
  • Labels for electrical products
  • Corporate branding
  • Signage labels
  • Identification labels
  • Professional stickers
  • Product labels for electrical products
  • CE marking labels

If what you need are quality polycarbonate labels that are useful over time. Contact us! We will create yours to suit your needs.

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