Robust structures, usually machined, which form part of electrical devices whose task is to control various mechanical functions of industrial equipment or machinery. Unlike front panels or synoptic panels, they do not need to protect the part underneath where they are installed, as they are themselves part of the device to which they are attached, as they themselves form part of the device to which they are anchored.

Methacrylate panels

Methacrylate or Plexiglas panels are designed for front panels that require a more aesthetic finish than metal panels. It is a plastic, resistant and transparent material that can also be backlit. So if you need a panel in which all the rear mechanisms can be clearly seen and with a good aesthetic finish. At Sergar we create custom-made methacrylate panels.


Personalised methacrylate panels are widely used in information panels or exhibitions. exhibitions. The most important property of the methacrylate panel is its clarity. The material allows 92% of the light through, but at the same time it is UV-resistant and extremely resistant.

Methacrylate panels are easy to maintain thanks to their dense surface, dirt adhesion is minimal, but the sensitivity to scratching must be taken into account.

To clean our perspex panels, it is best to use a mild cleaner and a light microfibre cloth. Sponges, brushes and abrasive cleaners (such as Cif) will leave small scratches, which will eventually tarnish the surface.


Methacrylate is available in different colours and thicknesses; new types and colours are continually being developed by our suppliers. We are currently developing transparent, matt, white and coloured methacrylate sheets.

We have a wide range of thicknesses and they are also available in different colours. Sergar is your methacrylate company in Valencia, contact us!

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