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Resin labels are an extra service we offer you if your labels are finished and you want to provide them an extra protection and at the same time a different aesthetic that will make the product even more eye-catching. It can be applied to any flat support such as vinyl, polyester, PVC, etc.


Our resin drop stickers or resinated stickers are fully customisable in size and print format.

The design is printed in full colour, coated with a layer of polyurethane resin. Any print design is possible under the resin. It can be made in any shape and size you wish, applying external cuts in any format.


Normally this resin drop labels usually have an adhesive on the bottom side, as they are usually adhesive on the underside, as they are usually stuck to a surface. This plastic layer gives the adhesive rigidity, thickness and brilliance while protecting the design. It generates a very interesting 3D effect that can be more eye-catching than simple stickers.

In Sergar we offer you the service of personalised resin sticker with the specific characteristics that you choose. To your liking!

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