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TAG and KKS Tags

TAG and KKS plates are personalized plates or 'badges' that identify elements of important relevance in different sectors.


In the case of TAGs they are created for components of industrial installations such as valves, motors, pumps… and the KKS are more suitable for mechanical applications, and even for civil works or quality processes, offering essential product information. They are the best choice for long-lasting, safe and quality signage.

The engraving of plates is performed through advanced technological processes and in Sergar we encode them with numerical, alphanumeric and variable coding or with automated reading codes among others.

We also offer the possibility of manufacturing neutral TAG plates, which can be marked later.


Badge engravings are created depending on the need of each user:

  • Methacrylate
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass, copper and bronze
  • Acrylic two-layer Grabacril
  • Phenolic Bi-layer Traffolyte 
  • Phenolic Two-layer Traffolyte



We can assure that the personalized engraved metal plates that we manufacture at Sergar have an unbeatable quality finish, thanks to their resistance against abrasions, corrosion, solvents and vapors.

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