Robust structures, usually machined, which form part of electrical devices whose task is to control various mechanical devices whose mission is to control various mechanical functions of industrial equipment or machinery. Unlike front panels or synoptic panels, they do not need to protect the part underneath where they are installed, as they are themselves part of the device to which they are attached.

Aluminium panels


Very robust materials and resistant to chemical products or external factors. They can be part of an electrical system. The design can be screen printed or digitally printed. The aluminium panel with a polycarbonate sheet is ideal for panels that require a lot of colour, including panels that require a lot of colour, even photographs, as they are printed on the back surface of the polycarbonate, then glued with the customised aluminium plates and finally the whole assembly is machined, leaving the print protected between the aluminium and the printing is protected between the aluminium and the polymer, this being the most common type in our manufacture.

A special aluminium would be the anodised aluminium, this aluminium is much more resistant than the rest and it is often used in front panels or aluminium panels for outdoor use, as its outer surface is coated with an extra layer of oxide, thanks to an electrolytic process of passivation 

This process makes the material much more durable over time, as well as leaving a different decorative finish such as matt black or gold, among others.

Some of its characteristics are:

  • High resistance to abrasion and corrosion
  • Much higher hardness compared to other materials.
  • Ideal for mounting electrical panels.
  • Offers protection against radiation
  • Different aesthetic finishes.


Holes are usually made in the aluminium panels by punching holes to fit the electrical panels where they will be placed. The prints or designs on these panels are usually very precise since they will be inserted in them and that will mark the operation of the device or machine in which they are anchored.

We can subject the prints and serigraphs to high temperature drying in order to extend their life and increase the resistance of the inks.

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