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We confirm that adhesive vinyl labels are one of the products that we can easily found in everyday life, as they are a very striking and versatile option. The transparent vinyl for labels is very flexible, durable and resistant. We can stick them to all kinds of surfaces such as walls, wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc.

Its installation is very easy. They can be attached to products to identify them, labeling establishments or vehicles, as signage, or carrying the logo of brands.


We have a multitude of materials available for vinyl label printing adhesive.

  1. Polycarbonate labels: with different finishes such as textured matte, matt-gloss or gloss, they can be die-cut and incorporate translucent windows. Both small and large format, the printing can be screen-printed or digital. These prints are usually printed on the back of the label in mirror format to protect the image and adhesives can also be added for placement. They are very resistant to external agents, temperatures or friction, so they can be used both outdoors and indoors.
  2. Polyester labels: they are quite resistant to water, temperature and external agents. temperature and external agents. They can be screen printed or digitally printed. digital printing, as well as in different formats such as transparent, white or matt polyester. transparent, white or matt. They are very easy to stick on the support.
  3. Semi-rigid pvc or glasspack labels: The adhesive vinyl for labels on these types of these types of materials is resistant with different finishes, from transparent, to matt or glossy. transparent, matt or glossy. They are mainly used for the production of indoor and outdoor signage by screen printing, using photoluminescent inks, although they can also be digitally printed and used for the manufacture of collars or other products.
  4. Security labels or tamper-evident seals: by means of a special material these labels allow us to know if the support to which they are attached to. They have a very high adhesive power, so it is difficult to remove them completely..
  5. Photoluminescent labels: these labels depend on the type of ink used. In this case, special photoluminescent ink that we print by screen printing. The labels can be made of polyester or PVC. We can also photoluminescence on other supports such as aluminium or methacrylate plates.
  6. Acid-etched vinyl: widely used for shop windows, exhibitions or on glass and mirrors in general. They allow light to pass through without being transparent, allowing the image to be seen.
  7. Micro-perforated vinyl: this is one of the most used vinyls for window dressing and signage, as it reduces the entrance of external light but keeping the privacy. In addition, it does not usually leave residue in the place where it is put on
  8. Removable electrostatic vinyl: very useful in the case of vinyls that have to be changed, as it is very easy to remove them and they do not leave residues in the stuck area.

Finishes: Different types of adhesive vinyl labels can be added depending on the strength of the sticking strength you want to achieve. Furthermore, in all cases, it is possible to design plotter cutting, giving them the desired shape and in some cases adding protective films.

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